Death Grip Boot Locker
Death Grip Boot Locker
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Death Grip Boot Locker

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Boot Locker works by fixing your rear door or hatchback door  in a semi-open position. Combined with a front window open just 5cm , you'll have free-flowing air just where the dogs need it . It takes only 10 seconds to install or remove the , no tools are required.

It works on the majority of manufacturer-installed central locking and alarm systems, you can still lock and alarm the car. However, occasionally, some vehicles (aftermarket alarms ) have sensors that do not allow you to leave any doors open. In this case, you would lock the car with the central locking and the Boot Locker  in place, but not set the alarm.

It  is made from tough AUSTRALIAN steel and then powder coated . 

More colours and sizes coming soon 

100% Australian made from 100% Australian materials 

12 inch and 10 inch ( 300mm and 250mm)


Do not leave pets unattended in a parked vehicle in direct sunlight even with your windows open.

not suitable for use when the vehicle is moving or when the engine is running.