USA MADE  Micro Prong Collar
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USA MADE Micro Prong Collar

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  • Hand made in the USA
  • Provides gentle, steady pressure when pulled against
  • Stays in place with a custom fit
  • Fits up to a 9-inch neck 

As dog trainers and machinists, these Micro Prong collars are made by dog people, for dog people. Each collar is assembled individually, by hand in the USA, using the same traditional tools and artisan process that made the Micro Prong a standard of professional trainers, canine competitors and loving pet owners worldwide.

Micro Prong collars were designed originally to fit small dogs, because the larger prongs on standard size collars were too far apart, causing both fit and effectiveness issues. A Micro collar is made up of miniature prongs with a much shorter distance between them than typical prong collars. The end result is a collar that is proportionally correct on a diminutive dog. A Micro stays up under the jaw and on the safe part of the neck where it should be, without slipping down. And it provides gentle, steady pressure when pulled against, eliminating the uneven, pointy feel of too few prongs on a small neck.

In addition to working brilliantly for small dogs, many canine enthusiasts and trainers have discovered the benefits of using a Micro collar with their medium and large size dogs as well. Micros are especially good for larger dogs with short, sleek coats, as standard sized collars tend to slip down on slippery fur. The Micro stays in place better on these dogs and, when links are added, the increased number of prongs provides a more even, custom fit.