EURO JOE - Pocket tugs

EURO JOE - Pocket tugs

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EURO JOE's Pocket Tugs are designed to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. Perfect for hidden rewards 

Single handle design , 8cm x 15cm 

Made of high quality, durable French linen, these interactive toys are a must-have for dog sports disciplines, providing both reward and fun, Pocket Tugs are compact and tear-resistant, with no harmful substances if the tug gets damaged.


Mixed colours 


No toy , tug wedge etc is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. 
The toys that we sell here are the best quality and most durable that we have found. DO NOT allow your dog to target or bite handles  Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or broken toy. This product is designed to be used under direct supervision with a dog.